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Whether you need a Mobile App or a Responsive Website that runs accross multiple devices. Driveby Software has the capabilities to keep you running smoothly.




Mobile App Development

In the past few years, the app market has exploded. Mobile app usage is up by 86%, and the average US consumers downloads on average 12.8 iOS and Android apps a month.

Having an app for your business or promotion or whatever it may be can be a game changing marketing tool to drive traffic and revenue.

On the highest end of the spectrum, the makers of Angry Birds is now worth over a billion dollars and that's off a simple game.

Then you also see people who put out basic free apps and still get thousands of downloads and dollars for having ads. The good news is… It’s not as expensive as you think.

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience,

A Responsive website adapts the layout to the viewing environment. Responsive web design has become more important as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of total internet traffic.

Last year Google started to boost the ratings of sites that are mobile friendly if the search was made from a mobile device. This has the net effect of penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly.

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Technology is essential for every business.

About Us

Driveby Software is a boutique provider founded in 2006 to provide essential technology solutions when needed.

We are a group of mobile and responsive developers who design and develop completely custom made mobile applications and responsive websites for small and medium size businesses.

Our developers leverage an agile process that ensures you’ll receive a quality mobile app or responsive website.

We are also transparent in the work we do so you’ll always be in the know about the progress of your project.

By using the most up-to-date methodology, we can provide our clients with products of the utmost quality while meeting the tightest of deadlines.

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